We Are Effective

Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF), The Charity arm of Lions Club International …

  • will raise $30 million by end of 2017 to stop measles! At a cost of $1 per vaccine, that means we will be able to vaccinate 30 million children.
  • has provided $1 billion in grants since it’s existence.
  •  has contributed $1 million toward assisting refugees


Locally, Maryville Lions Club has identified countless children locally who were suffering from vision disorders, some of which could have resulted in blindness. Approximately 3% of the children we screen get referred for further testing. We serve our local community in many ways you may not be aware.

We Are Efficient

Lions Clubs have been around for more than 100 years and we now have over 1.6 million members around the globe! We pride ourselves on the fact that 100% of donations we collect is spent meeting the needs of others, and we do it efficiently through global cooperation. Few organizations can say none of their donations are spent on administration, but we can! We focus on vision and hearing health and services, but we also have a passion for other quality of life concerns such as hunger, disease prevention, environment preservation, and disaster response.

We Want YOU!

We have so many great accomplishments because there is power in numbers. Our individual members and volunteers make us effective. That’s why we hope you will join our cause to make a difference in one of these ways:

Become a Lion (or sponsor someone else to become a Lion)

Volunteer with Lions

Support us Financially