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History of the Maryville Lions Club

The Maryville Lions Club (#5107) was established on March 21 1938 by twenty-one prominent businessmen of Blount County. Their objective, which is still our objective today, was to provide aid to the underprivileged in an effort to improve quality of life. More than three-quarters of a century later, we continue this effort by addressing the needs of those who cannot afford it, with a focus on sight preservation.

Maryville Lions Club Today

Perhaps one of our most significant efforts is providing free eye screenings to day cares, preschools and kindergarten classes in the local area as well as helping the Alcoa and Maryville City Schools with their health screenings by providing eye screening. It is estimated that about three percent of Tennessee’s 1.2 million children have some type of eye problem other than the need for glasses. Children who fall outside of normal vision parameters during Lions Club screenings are referred to our KidSight Operation headquarters for further evaluation and parents are contacted by them if a referral is evident. Because of this coordinated effort, fewer children lose eyesight unnecessarily due to  pediatric conditions such as amblyopia, retinopathy, etc.

Our Lions Club participates in a variety of other service projects that relate to the focus areas of Lions Clubs International such as Childhood Cancer, Diabetes Awareness, Environment and Hunger.

Maryville Lions are All Volunteers

Lions Club members are all volunteers, made up of men and women of all ages who are passionate about identifying treatable eye sight issues as early as possible and preventing blindness.   Every dollar we raise goes back to the public through the various organizations we support through our  District White Cane Charities and related efforts. We have no paid positions or overhead costs.

If you live in Blount County, we invite you to be our guest at an upcoming meeting so you can meet our members and learn more about what we do. Contact us with questions or interest in being our guest . Don’t forget to include some way for us to contact you.

[Annual dues are affordable, volunteer hours are encouraged, and friendships are guaranteed.

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