Maryville Lions Club Provides Free Eyeglasses

eye examWe provide free or discounted examinations and eyeglasses to Blount County residents (children and adults) who qualify for food stamps. As part of Smoky Mountain Lions Charities, Inc. a Mobile Vision Van Clinic  is held at the Fountain City Lions Club each month.  Local Lions Clubs sponsor residents from their area and pay the fees associated with each applicant the club submits. To apply,

    • Make a plan for how you will get to and from Fountain City.
    • Call Tom Miller at 865-448-6716 to start the process. If you get a recording, tell your name and why you’re calling.
    • Fill out and return the application when you receive it.
    • Show up to 5345 N. Broadway St, Knoxville, TN on your assigned examination date. Failure to show up without rescheduling in advance may disqualify you from the program.
    • Return on your next scheduled appointment day (approximately two weeks later) to pick up your eyeglasses. Some clubs mail glasses to you. In this case, fitting adjustments will have to be made by a local eyecare shop — Walmart is usually helpful.


We Make Our Own Glasses

making glassesDid you know that Smoky Mountain Lions Charities  makes their own eyeglasses in the mobile vision lab? This saves tons of money which means more people in East Tennessee can be served at a very respectable cost.

We Advocate for No Cost Surgeries

We also serve as sponsor for Blount County residents to receive extensive eye surgery at no cost when they can’t afford to pay for a much needed surgery through the KAPA partnership. This is why donations are so important to us.

Q: Who qualifies for free eyeglasses or surgery sponsorship? A:  Anyone who qualifies for food stamps.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Make a plan for how you will get to and from the eyeglass location (usually in Fountain City) or surgery center (in Knoxville), then call Tom Miller at 865-448-6716 to start the process.

Q: Can I apply if I’m not a Blount County Resident?
A: You must apply through your local Lions Club. Use this search tool to look for clubs are in your area.

Q: Where do eye exams take place?
A:  Exams take place on prescheduled days at the Fountain City Lions Club Building located at 5345 N. Broadway St in Knoxville, TN. Our Vision Van is also on-site there.

Q: How do I get my eyeglasses?
A:  After you are examined, you will be given another appointment date to come try on and pick up your glasses. That date is usually (but not always) about two weeks after your exam.

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