Become a Lion

If you are an adult interested in making a difference with us, contact a local chapter and ask to attend a meeting to get to learn more about the club. Because membership requires “… good moral character and good reputation in his/her community …” membership into a Lions Club is by invitation only. After someone begins attending meetings regularly, an existing member can sponsor you as a new member, which means they have gotten to know you and your character.

Blount county men or women ages 18-131 may be invited join the Maryville Lions Club (a part of District 12N) or may transfer an existing membership from another location. If you are interested in attending a Maryville Lions Club meeting, use the Contact Us form. If you don’t live in Blount County, click here to find a club near you.

There are also Leo Club opportunities for younger ages.  If you are between the ages of 12-30, click here to learn more about Leo Clubs. Blount county doesn’t currently have a Leo Club, but we are eager to sponsor one if there is interest. If you’re interested, use the form below to start a conversation.

See our code of ethics page that all members of our club are expected to follow.

You don’t have to become a Lions Club member to join our effort, although you are always welcome! There are other ways you can support us, too!

Sponsor a Lion

Our dues aren’t excessive, but even our $100 annual dues can be a challenge for young adults who are just entering the workplace or for retired individuals who don’t have disposable income. Our by-laws prevent us from using fundraising dollars to assist other members, but as an individual or company you can sponsor a Lion. Many high schools or colleges can help you identify interested individuals, or you may find candidates through your local church. You can also contact us for names of individuals who have volunteered with us or who have expressed a need for financial assistance.

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